Buying a Home? Start Here.

Download a step-by-step guide that answers the most common questions from first-time home buyers:

How do I qualify for a mortgage?
What buyer programs are available?
What are closing costs?
Where can I view current listings?

Meet Reiner

Reiner Theil is a Residential REALTOR® who has helped dozens of first-time buyers secure homes in Victoria, BC.

He focuses on simplifying the buying process in order to set his clients up for success. The end result? Home buyers who are confident, educated, and ready to move.

His client-first approach ensures you are fully supported in your buying journey from start to finish. Through providing tailored buyer services, Reiner hopes to create a memorable buying experience that effortlessly aligns with you and your needs.

Renting vs. Owning

Identify key benefits & trade-
offs associated with each.


The most crucial step before
beginning your home search.

Buyer Programs

First-Time Buyer? There are programs in
BC & Canada that can save you money.

Closing Costs

Know how much to save before
you're ready to buy.

Starting Your Search

Learn how you can get a leg-up on
your home search online.

Working With A Realtor

Guiding you through your entire home
purchase from start to finish.