Airbnb Buildings in Victoria

If you are looking to buy and/or operate a legal short-term vacation rental in Victoria, BC, you have come to the right place.

In this post, I will highlight the bulk of the Airbnb buildings in Victoria along with a few other factors to consider with these unique investment properties.

A Refresher on Zoning & Vacation Rentals

In Downtown Victoria, less than 20 buildings allow legal short-term vacation rentals. These buildings were previously zoned for transient accommodations (i.e.short-term vacation rentals) spanning less than 30 days.

Although the transient accommodation zoning has since been repealed by the City of Victoria, short-term rentals are allowed in select buildings so long as those buildings:

1. were once transient-zoned, and
2. have at least one active short-term rental.

The buildings mentioned can operate Airbnbs under what’s known as legal non-conforming use.

Note: legal non-conforming use is still dependent on Strata approval. In other words, if a Strata votes to ban short-term vacation rentals and is successful, such a ban overrides any City of Victoria bylaw or previous zoning. This is a crucial nuance to consider when purchasing a property to use as a short-term rental. More on this below.

Stratas: Know Before You Buy

Before buying a property with the intention of renting it out as a short-term vacation rental, it is imperative to check the current Strata Bylaws and Meeting Minutes. Updates to rental restrictions can and do happen.

This list of buildings is up-to-date* as of November 2022 and represents those buildings that have active short-term vacation rentals operating currently. For enquiries about a particular building seen here, please contact the City of Victoria at or get in touch with Reiner to learn more.

Airbnb Buildings

Heritage Conversions


Address: 562 Yates
Built: 2011 (Originally 1883)
Units: 32


Address: 599 Pandora
Built: 2006 (Originally 1892)
Units: 46


Address: 535 Fisgard / 534 Pandora
Built: 2007 (Originally 1901)
Units: 28


Address: 1602 Quadra
Built: 2008 (Originally 1912)
Units: 29


Address: 524 / 534 Yates
Built: 2008 (Originally 1896)
Units: 32


Address: 610 Johnson
Built: 2007 (Originally 1888)
Units: 18


Address: 1315 Waddington Alley
Built: 2009 (Originally 1884)
Units: 9

The Janion Building in Downtown Victoria

Modern Builds


Address: 728 Yates
Built: 2015
Units: 157


Address: 707 Courtney / 708 Burdett
Built: 2009
Units: 155


Address: 760 Johnson
Built: 2008
Units: 96


Address: 528 Pandora / 517 Fisgard
Built: 2014
Units: 136


Address: 613 Herald
Built: 2018
Units: 32


Address: 595 Pandora
Built: 2017
Units: 53


Address: 960 Yates
Built: 2018
Units: 88


Address: 751 Fairfield
Built: 2006
Units: 164


Address: 732 Cormorant
Built: 2005
Units: 72


Address: 456 Pandora
Built: 2016
Units: 121


Address: 409 Swift
Built: 2000
Units: 98


Address: 601 Herald
Built: 2011
Units: 27

Map of Airbnb Buildings

View Airbnb Properties for Sale in Victoria

Ready to start your search for the perfect short-term vacation rental in Downtown Victoria? Note, there are typically only a handful of STR properties on the market at any one time.

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Disclaimer *

The information and materials contained in this post are for general information purposes only, are not intended to constitute professional advice, and should not be relied on without independent verification.

City of Victoria Bylaws and individual Strata Bylaws regarding the use of a property as a short-term vacation rental are subject to change. It is important that consumers perform their own due diligence or speak with a professional before proceeding.

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